South Northamptonshire Design Guide

South Northamptonshire Design Guide

South Northamptonshire are carrying out public consultation on a proposed new Design Guide that will help ensure all new development in the District is designed and built to a high standard and both protects and reinforces the distinctive character of the local area. This new Design Guide seeks to update their existing guidance on issues regarding design, heritage, landscape and the built environment in order to ensure that these aims can be achieved.

The Design Guide is proposed to be adopted by them as a supplementary planning document (SPD). Once formally adopted, it will become a material planning consideration for all development throughout South Northamptonshire.

This document will:

  • Establish a benchmark for high quality design standards for new development
  • Improve understanding of the specific character and context of South Northamptonshire and
  • Bring greater certainty to the design element of the planning process to help speed up delivery and maintain a high quality of development within the district.

They are carrying out a 4 week public consultation closing on Monday 08 May 2017.