SuDS In London: A Design Guide

SuDS in London: A Design Guide

Consultation on a new guidance document which shows how to integrate Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) seamlessly into London’s streetscape and public realm. The proposed guide has been developed for all publicly accessible space in the Capital, including roads and streets managed by Transport for London and the boroughs.

The proposed guide:

  • Outlines the principles of SuDS and how these principles relate to London.
  • Identifies the components that make up a SuDS system
  • Illustrates how these components may be integrated into the public realm
  • Shows how SuDS have been applied in practice.
  • Provides guidance on methodology and cost comparison

It is intended to use the document alongside TfL’s Streets Toolkit guidance and the CIRIA SuDS Manual. The guidance should inform design options throughout London to deliver the many potential benefits of SuDS.

Closing date for comments: Sunday 25 September 2016.