Wakefield Residential Design Guide

Wakefield District Residential Design Guide

Integreat PLUS are producing two design guides which will form part of the Local Development Framework (LDF). They will be Supplementary Planning Document (SPDs) and will build and expand on existing design policies in the adopted Core Strategy, Development Policies Document and the Central Wakefield Area action plan.

The SPDs are being produced as they will help applicants make successful planning applications. As the SPDs will be part of the LDF they will carry significant weight when the Council makes decisions on planning applications.

The two design guides are:

  • Wakefield District Residential Design Guide (RDG)

The current RDG requires updating and the replacement guidance would apply to all types of residential development, including extensions to improve the design quality of proposals. The guidance has been prepared to be practical and explain what the Council wants to see from residential proposals being submitted for planning permission. The SPD comprises of two volumes:

o Part 1: Guidance for Housebuilders
o Part 2: Guidance for Homeowners

  • Wakefield City Urban Design Framework (UDF)

The UDF will influence the design of a number of key development sites ensuring new proposals will improve the City Centre. It will seek to improve pedestrian routes, landscaped spaces, public squares and linkages across the city.

Consultation on the draft SPD documents is taking place for four weeks from 12 January to 5pm, 8 February 2017.